Choosing the Right Car Seat Covers


I always used to laugh when people bought a new car then put car seat covers over the seats. After all, many folks by a car because they like the style and colors of its interior, so I couldn’t understand why they would then go and cover up. That is until I became a family man with 2 kids and a boisterous hound called Tramp! For those of you that have children, messy partners, and pets, will know only too well that if you plan to sell your motor at some point in the future then you will need it be in tip top condition in order to get the best resale price. Car seat covers can help protect your seats from general wear and tear, plus spills and splits. So, when the time comes to trade your vehicle in, your seating should look as good as the day you bought it. Dog seat covers are generally made for the rear seats of the vehicle. There are a lot of choices today for specially made pet covers for the car. It’s always worth going for good quality animal seat covers so that you can relax and not stress about the dog eating or scratching through the rear seat while on the move. There are many different designs, shapes and materials around today, so you should be able to easily find something to blend with the interior of your motor.

Since there are so many companies around which produce a huge variety of car seat covers made from all types of materials, we’re no longer stuck with that awful leopard. And now that the world of online shopping has opened its doors to everyone, there is an even greater choice available than ever before. Protective seat covers now come in high quality leathers to the basic cloth types, (which many folks use as temporary protection when moving garbage and the like). But some custom made car seat covers are so well made today that they look even better than the original fabrics, and can actually enhance the car’s interior. Gone are the days of loosely fitting baggy types as today’s customized seat covers are a very snug fit with no sagging ends. Messy toddlers can often play havoc with the inside of your car and even the best behaved youngsters make a mess at times. They’re not at fault; they are just doing what kids do best which is making a mess at every possible opportunity! If you know someone who is about to have a baby, then a baby car seat cover is a great gift and quite unique, as it’s a gift that most people don’t think about. As most parents take their baby out and around town on errands and trips, the baby car seat cover is a must have!

A Guide to Car Seat Covers

Having the right type of seat cover will not only make the inside of your car look good, it will also enhance the comfort and the overall driving experience. The seat is one of the most important aspects of your car’s interior, and your car’s appearance can be improved with presentable seat covers.

Types of Seat Covers:

Many companies produce wide varieties of car seat covers made from all types of materials. From leather seat covers to the basic cloth type of cover, you will be able to find it. You would also be able to customize your seat covers to fit your individual taste. Some people like to have their name or initials embroidered onto the seat cover, while others like to have a particular logo or design on them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the customization of your car seat cover. The type of leather available for you to use on your seat cover can vary in quality. The higher quality ones will tend to be more expensive than the ones that are not that high in quality. It is generally believed that the aftermarket car cover for sale the Internet will give you better quality than what you can get from OEM dealers. This is because, in most cases, the leather seat covers you get from the factory dealers are only leather in the insert part of the seat.


The typical high quality custom seat cover can cost you approximately $150 each for the front seats, and $225 for the rear bench seat. This price does not include labor costs for the installation of these seat covers. The regular low-quality seat covers can cost as little as $55 each. However, these seats will rip easily and may not look as good as you would like. You would only be throwing away your money if you choose to buy cheap covers.

Golf Cart Seat Covers

When you are in the market to purchase golf cart seat covers, you need to consider several factors. You will need to find a reputable dealer that sells golf cart seat covers. The dealer does not have to specialize in this item, but sometimes it can be helpful to the consumer. A specialized dealer will have access to a higher quality supplier and a greater variety of materials. It is important to remember that golf cart seat covers need to be made to fit your particular make and model of golf cart. There are Universal Fit Seat Covers, but you should still verify with the dealer that your particular model can use this product. Upholstery needs to do more for you than just look good. The upholstery needs to be durable and look good. You should shop around until you find a high quality selection of fabrics in a variety of styles. You should ask the dealer that you are using how much foam backing they will use on the golf cart seat covers. Foam backing is important for added comfort. A comfortable seat will be more enjoyable. When you have made all of your decisions and have bought your golf cart seat covers, you will need to prepare your golf cart for installation. A Universal Fit Seat Cover installation is pretty straightforward. You will need to remove the headrests from your cart. You will need to pull the seat cover over the top of the seat and pull it down over the seat. The bottom of the seat cover should fit snugly over the seat bottom.

An “S” hook should be provided with your golf cart seat cover and you should fasten the elastic straps under seat with supplied “S” hooks. With a razor blade, cut small holes for your headrest or latches only after the golf cart seat cover is completely installed. To maintain the quality of your golf cart seat covers, periodic and timely maintenance is required. Liquid stains should be allowed to dry and then cleaned with a sponge and a common household detergent. Dirty oil and grease stains should be first spot cleaned with a cleaning fluid containing Naptha to remove the solvent soluble matter. Any stain residue should be cleaned by an upholstery or rug shampoo. It is always best to use a carpet cleaner on the Seat Cover while it is on the seat. That way you will avoid unnecessarily taking your golf cart seat covers off and on the seat. Always read the instructions carefully before cleaning any seat cover fabric to make sure that it is compatible with the fabric being cleaned. Even though manufacturer instructions are pretty clear about what fabrics can and cannot be cleaned with their product, always clean or test a small area of your golf cart seat covers before applying large amounts of cleaner.

Buy a Car Seat Cover for Your Child

If you are looking to buy a car seat cover, you may want to look in stores where the car seats are sold.  When you are looking to buy a car seat cover for your child’s car seat, be sure that the car seat cover can be washed. Being able to wash the car seat cover will help keep the germs down in your child’s car seat. You never know when a diaper may spring a leak or the top pop off of a sippy cup while your child is riding in the car seat. If you are going to a baby shower, you may want to buy a car seat cover for the new mom. Car seat covers make great baby gifts that you just can’t go wrong with. For instance, if the mother is having a baby boy, you could get a blue car seat cover as your shower gift, and pink for a baby girl. However, not all new mom’s know what they are having ahead of time. If this is the case, you can purchase a neutral colored car seat cover to give as your baby shower gift. Usually yellow, and green are thought of as neutral colors that can be used for a boy or a girl. When you buy a car seat cover for your child’s car seat, you are protecting it, as well as cushioning the baby. However, when you protect the car seat, you will be able to make it last from one baby to another, without having to go out and buy a new car seat for your next baby. Remember to look for one that can be washed, and don’t worry about the car seat cover not being the right size, most of the car seats are all one standard size, so they should be a one size fits all.

Custom Seat Covers

People find it difficult to get the perfect blend of colors in their vehicles. Getting the perfect seat cover for the perfect look on your car is impossible if you go for universal seat covers. To avoid your orange seat looking out of the place in your black car, the best deal would be to opt for custom-made seat covers, made using the color and material of your taste. Add a personal touch to your vehicle with the seat cover of your choice. Though made for specific makers of cars and trucks, custom-made covers give you the option of blending your own special taste to the appearance of your automobile. The best manufacturers and dealers develop custom-fit seat covers for new models every year. You can also buy separate headrest and armrest covers, if you deem it fit. If your car is an imported model or has some unique seat contours, a tailor-made custom seat cover will be the only way to make your car look chic.

Wet Okole has custom-fit seat covers for a large number of car and truck manufacturers and caters to all the major automobile companies, including BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. Their seat covers, made for more than thirty automobile manufacturers, cost not more than $250 and come in wide variety of fabrics and materials. Shear comfort has custom seat covers in neoprene, sheepskin, and imitation sheepskin materials of different colors and designs that cater to different tastes. Their Hawaiian prints, Camouflage prints, and original look covers come with a one-year warranty for defects in material or workmanship. To get covers for your automobile’s exact year, make, and model, Automotive Interiors have come up with Custom Auto Upholstery Kits that provide specific custom fits for most vehicle models from 1940 and on. Tweed seat covers from Saddleman are hand made according to strict standards and specifications devised by experts. Their double-stitched foam cushions, armrests, headrests, and consoles aim at providing maximum comfort to the user.

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